Demand in quality products which are environment friendly and do not threaten human health and preserve their good characteristics for longer periods of time in the world cannot be disregarded.
İzem Textile took its place in textile industry in 1985 with its goal to cater to those demands in maximum degree and meet the demanded service mentality and gradually increasing demands and quality product of our sector.
Never compromising from devotion demanded in line whether with the quality or service concept and internalized completing its equipments in a programmed way with those opportunities that technology offer to renew itself with each passing day as principle.
It is ensured that our products continuously have better quality through continues research and development with the purpose of preserving the products’ qualities and durability after consumption for long years and ensuring conformity with the world standards in all the products we produce.
Everything in our facility as from coloring to weaving and from foundry to manufacturing departments is completed in its entirety. It is possible to create color, pattern, glider and many other characteristics onto all the textile products which we produce. Services we provide to our customers, our speed and whether sale and after sale services which we provide for all our products are at top level.
All this work, will and determination are to please our customers and earn their trust.
The biggest profits of ours have been satisfaction of our customers and earning their trust.